Franck Johanson


Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm (2021)

Released on Century Media / Sony Music. I did all the design work including the lay-out for: LP, digipack CD, cassette tape, social media, livestream visuals, Spotify cover-art, website.

Cassette tape

I’m a cassette tape collector (currently +1.500 tapes) and I really love the format. Not only because the way you experience the music that’s on it, but also the way you can totally get creative with the packing. If you use your imagination, the sky is the limit to make your cassette really stand out. Below you can see some examples of my work.

Most recent project

Vektor (USA) is one of my favorite bands of all time. It’s like Mozart is playing an extreme version of Rush/Yes/Opeth’s heaviest work. Hard to put into words how much I enjoyed working on this small release these guys did last month. Only restrictions I had were the use of only 2 colors because of limitations of production costs.

Creative work

Every once in a while I create artworks based on certain music that inspires me. This helps me to expand my creativity and helps me perform under tight deadlines. This way of working enables me to think about design in a different way that helps me translate certain emotions into visual tangible things.

Branding & Identity

It is very important as a band/festival to communicate what you want to express and how you want your following to see you. This involves studio recording, photoshoots, social media, video, etc. One really important part of this is your logo and branding. I use the KISS (keep it stupid simple) method in all my work, but never loose the backbone of the client’s story.
Organizations I work with

Need graphic design?

I love all kinds of music. Projects big or small, just contact me